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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yurp!! U read it right but trusts me, not me..na`ah not me. Mito was last night. I’m just accompanying him. I mean he was really looking forward going to Zara with me (not the matter of me); he said he need accompany, coordinator what was he meant more I think. I doubt actually I can pretty much help but I went along anyway. I brought him to UCB, United Color of Benetton first, then Zara and then Uniqlo. Okay, here`s the truth: I was going to buy a skinny pant that I aimed at Zara anyway, so I did shopped too. He was serious about giving his wardrobe a change, took 9 pieces of clothing at Zara to try on!! Yeah, I waited all along while he tried and did my best to help. After 9 cool-pricey tagged Zara clothing he tried, guess what: he bought only two~2!!Heh..pardon him please at least he buy something. A black nice material parka and a knitted look grey brown sweater. One thing annoyed me most, at Zara, Mito like to have me try on stilettos, yes!: stilettos.

`Eyh Heidi Klum selalu pakai la dalam Runaway, chantek aku tengok`

`Chantek la die pakai, die naik limo, aku jalan kaki. Sakit dowh`

He did make me walk also with the stilettos. I did it anyway, for the sake of `nak tengok sangat`. At the Uniqlo we did the same thing but much worse, more than 10 pieces he brought to the fitting room, I guess we had the nerve `let us be, since Uniqlo much affordable than Zara`. I know; lame! Despite of that, he bought one navy blue 3 quarter short. So he got 3 pieces, I bought one only, obviously he the shopaholic not me.

My skinny pant, the document,Mito`s camera
Waiting for Mito

`Pakcik Mito kayo~nak try semwe` =)

In the end he bought the two front one

Then I dragged him to Baskin Robin 31. It`s June and they offering 3 scoop at the price of two!!So dear my friend in Japan, hurry up to the nearest store will you.

Mine: Caramel Ribbon+Blueberry Panna Cotta+Sweet Marriage
Mito: Caramel Chocolate Crunch+Love Struck Cheese Cake+Sweet Marriage

I was wondering why the flavor name sweet marriage, it got some sort of sweet and sour taste, guess that how marriage suppose to be: ups and downs= sweet and sour. Pfft~

Our 3 storey Ice cream: Heaven!

However we still got the energy to make a detour at GAP. Nothing much we did at GAP. Then straight back home, and my feet hurt! Mito if u reading this, it`s `Stilettos` and it`s killing my foot. People like Heidi favor it not me. = )

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