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Friday, July 10, 2009

Syafina Ghazi

I listen to Tegan& Sara, Fall Out Boy, Ingrid Michealson, Micheal Buble, Snow Patrol, The Fray, Lenka, Augustana, John Mayer, Priscilla Ahn, Sara Bareilles and Fine Frenzy.

I watch Grey's Anatomy, Brothers&Sisters, House, Eight Simple Rules, How I Met Your Mother, Kate and Jon plus eight, Jamie Olliver, Runaway

I read Jodi Picoult, John Grisham, Dorothy Khoomson,J.K Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Sophie Kinsella.

Other random things:

1) I take myself a morning person, I get grumpy if I woke at noon. But I do casual sleep in.

2) I love the smell of fresh laundry ( and NO using the drier )

3) I sniff bread, litterally exhale the scent of it before I eat.

4) I love wrapped present, especially with ribbons, even if the present is a toothbrush.

5) I talk a lot. Like a LOT.

6) My idea of cozy is spread on a couch,tuck in a blanket,with Micheal Buble for background music, and a book to read.Plus some food.

7) I'm in terror if my pantry is empty.I stock it up with cans of Cambell Soup, boxes of cereals,biscuits, chips and many more.

8) I love colours! At the moment is the pair of yellow and purple!I am crazy over polka dots, stripe, checkers plaid.

9) I greet people with the kind of enthusiasm that as if I haven't meet them for so long.And I smile so wide, that you can see my molar and the rack of teeth.

10) I ditch umbrella over hooded shirts, so that I can play in the rain.

11) I think I'm right all the time, hence I love argument. Though I hate being told I'm wrong, I secretly think I need it.

12) I love observing people and guessing their stories, even if I'm wrong.

13) I love strolling down the 'Memory Lane', so I love making and capturing it.You can guess why I do photography.

What's your story?

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