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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Succes Attempt ( About Time ! )

Well here are the pictures of my attempt on making Martha Stewart cake.

How about switching to food photography?

The down side is for sure an extra few calories will come in package. Hehehe


khadijah said...

perghhh cantik gila gambar!
haah lah try lah food photography phee.
cambest je :)

A'thiqah said...

wooOoot~wooOOt~ nk tmpah untuk b'day seseorang boleh? hoho~ kidding..

.e i k a. said...

kao bjaye wt aku lapo~!

syafinaghazi said...

ochie~ : bile ade bende best dimasak bleh ar switch to food photography...xpun mo masak..phee tangkap kayh?? XD

tqa~ : woot~woot~~ bday siapakah? delivery within one hour jek la kot...dry ice xde la u~~ ngeh3...

ieka~: hah! lapar? puase ke? gie jek secret recipe, order chocolate indulgence..pastu tgk balik pic ni..konpem tutup nye blog aku neyh... =)

adzuan aziz said...

aku nk coklet chips je~lol
cantik aa

syafika said...

taik aku ade x buat pon!