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Monday, July 6, 2009

Secrets Sharing

News! : Sharing secrets is actually a sign of intimacy. (What?? ) Fine..fine..not exactly news, but I was struck to ponder about it lately.

Remember how a secret leaking in a family starts something like this:

"If I tell you this, promise me not to tell anybody else, especially Makcik Sabariah…."

Sound familiar ayte?

Then the next thing the secret owner know is; not only Makcik Sabariah knew about it, almost all of her other aunts, uncle, cousins, nieces, nephews….you name it, knew about her secret which was suppose to be share with one person only.

Does she get furious?

Maybe yes, or not.

And she could shrug it off nonchalantly afterward. (As if the secret wasn’t a big deal)

After all she was risking about the secret by telling it in the first place.

Well, here’s the thing: look, she was in fact quite clear about the possibilty of the secret being leak to her other family member.

Obviously it doesn’t matter to her much if they knew. Why? Because the levels of intimacy between her and her family. And I could take a guess that the person who she trusted with her secret at first wasn’t fool enough to leak the secret to anybody that she wasn’t intimate at.

Okay. Trying to find a test at where your relationship at now? Try sharing a few secret with them. (Boyfriend, girlfriend, becoming sister in-law, or whoever new in your life).

Because sharing secrets:
  1. Intimacy
  2. Trust
  3. How the listener react. If he flee in surprise, he is not ready then.
  4. And maybe a secret or two would be return back. Perhaps by trusting a person your secret, you are granting yourself the person trust in you too. Wouldn’t it be golly lovely then.
Go on and spill some secret~~

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A'thiqah said...

hidup i dah lama x de secret~ nampak sangat membosankan en?