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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Getting Pictures Like a Martha Stewart's Cake

As I nuzzle my nose around my pillow, I was confident the time was around 8 o'clock, considering that I'm a morning person, - BUT it was 1200 noon!

So much for the morning person craps. huh~

Then I baked. Blame it on Martha Stewart. She made me literally drool over her cakes.

I'll post the my-version of Martha's cake later. ( If the attempt is a success )

and I finally get my hand on Adobe Light Room, but still confusing.....

I thought my pictures are 'dirty' . Unlike the type that I am aiming for, I want clean, crisp, kinda like buttery colour, that make you go all gooey ... to think about it, should be like Martha's cakes..make me drools and hungry all of sudden. That's the kind of pictures I want to produce!

Oh GOD , help your little helpless ' hamba ' here....

Here's Dad and Mum

Sometime I felt like my dad's point and shoot is much better than my hand on a DSLR.

Stop crapping~ I'll figure something out to get my version of cakes-deliciousness in my pictures!!

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Aurora$yaz said...

Babe, I dreamed of u!!!!! Hahahaa~ the whole freaking night. even ur sis was thr