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Friday, July 3, 2009

Children+Me = ? .Not a Good equation.

I don't do well with kids; of all ages, from infant, toddler or pre-kindergarden. I just don't do well with them.

But owh how I love photographing them. Something about them. First the eye, the innocent eyes, the eye that invite us inside them. How unaware they are of themselve, carefree and they always put their guard down. Yeah, nothing seems to bother them I guess.

Let me introduce some of the kids that hang a lot with me;

This is Farah. I'm stoke to find one picture of her that do not include her signature pose. " The I'm all Japanese pose like with the hand-peace thing " . Sorry, I despise that. Cute but too pose-y. Farah is the toddler queen of drama. She throws tantrum all the time, and go fusyy with no reason. Yet when she suddenly go all nice and proper, careful, there's always a reason behind that. Haha.

and here Farah's little sister; Fatin. She's my favourite subject to shoot. and the other things are she's too much like me. She eat a lot, even when she was really small she almost ate a tissue! She have curly hair, Farah's hair is straight. And she don't do drama like Farah. ( I don't do drama too, okay! )

Her hair doesn't look curly in here, because her mum hate her hair all curly and tangle up. She always tie it up all tight and neat. I always took my chances to lose the hair band.I think Fatin got tired with me and my camera. XD

This two kids ( nobody I knew of, just some Japanese children ) aren't they cute?. The big sista go all protective over her lil-with-the-pacifier-brother. I took it around a poney stable. They took a run from the poney. Scared.

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