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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Uninspired. Fullstop .

What do you do when you are feeling a bit ( or a LOT ) uninspired? Seriously, help me!

Last night, I figured I would not study on whatever term, so I went to bed, real early at 8! Who do that?

Things I'd tried to get inspired:

1) I watched Brothers&Sister. Ended up I'm feeling more homesick.
2) I tweaked pictures around photoshop. ( Still uninspired )
3) I stare at Yaya and join him gaping at the water surface. ( I may turn into a goldfish sooner than you think )
4) I couldn't list anymore because I am too uninspired.

I think I need somebody around to have a bear-tight hug, or to mess with. Like pulling hair or smirk at. Or just to have the reassurance that I am infact not alone.

and just because a picture would be much more cooler than words; here are my lunch ( not the flower ) :

Still Uninspired.

1 comment:

syafika said...

na i remember the flower!! huuuhu
btw mish ya alot. eyt ..byak ek ko blogging ..mentg2 aku kat sini!
btw love ya