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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Seeking Arts

Then I brought Ieka to Otaru. Hokkaido own Venice like cannal, but not that much. Minus the gondola and all, just the cannal. The town quite pretty and it is an artsy type of town. It was my third time there, so I figure I should do something. So we went face drawing! Hah!

The chalks that he used;

So here are the end result!!! TARAAA!!!

Looks like he envision how we going to grow old, pfft!! Thanks ye pakcik!
Much like the Meredith and Christina older version. XD


syafika said...

na aku ambik gambr tuh ! yeye
im laerning a bit ..tgkp gmbr and the chalk btw nape last pic aku nmpk gile gemuk mcm aunty

Anonymous said...

tumpong tanye camne amik gamba blurr hbis belakang tuh~~

syafinaghazi said...

hi, blur(bokeh) kalau nak dapat camtu bergantung pade lense yang dipakai.....

mine pic pakai lense with no aperture yang besar ( f number kecik )

lense nina: 50mm f1.8

so maybe nina snap around f2.5 ke f1.8