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Friday, July 17, 2009

Potrait; Amir Hamzah

Here is my version of 'Tear Drops On My Guitar'. And sorry, mine doesn't feature Taylor Swift though.

To say that he doesn't smile a lot , no, he do smile a lot. But I guess he just feel intimidated or nervous infront of the camera...

- although another reason, I think he thought he's cuter or more macho-like trying to pull the model pose. Can't really say he made Miss Jay proud. ( Sorry Amir..) :)

Can you really tell whether he can play the guitar or not???

and can you see me in action through the very-very-reflective shade?? ( tee..hee...)

And down here is my favourite of the lots. The colours just make me go butterflies in my tummy~

and just for the record; Amir just got the shade, his brand new Ray Ban! and I was having a hard time persuading him to take it off.

Now isn't that better.Much..much more human like.

Ps: He cut his own hand, the attempt to cut a watermelon failed him. Not to worry, he's okay. =)


mij0ohAns said...

i guess mmg anybody yg owning aviator ray ban tu mmg susa nak tinggal la diorang punye spec tu..
aku paham sgt~ hehe..

adzuan aziz said...

wah maen model skng ni.hahah
hebat ko!

Aurora$yaz said...
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Aurora$yaz said...

I want aviator shades!!!!!!!!

Ok, xde kaitan ngan ur post. But I'm enjoying the pictures. :)

khadijah said...

okay gambar lima dari bawah tu ....

syafinaghazi said...

mizu: haha~ u are one of them is it? since ko ade aviator kan~

wan: aku addict potrait photography la..cant help it... XD

syaz: go n buy one k...u mesti cool gile with aviator...glad u enjoy viewing my pics

mossy: ape yang ok nye ochie?