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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hey,It's Not Rocket Science

If I was to be describe to somebody, sure 'clumsy' would be the first adjective word. and things will be broken in my hand. I am not kidding you. Thrilled to see the brand new ice-cream maker my dad bought thru Ebay, I can't wait to get my hand at it. Determined to impress my dad, I've decide to make his favourite flavour; Butterscotch.

and so I went on my own. The cream, caramel , eggs and all. Whisk in ready. and off I went with the 'on' button after I plugged it in. So I thought...............................


"Nina! Engineer ape ko ni , nina ?!!"

*dumstruck* ( I'm environmental engineer lah for god sake! )

Horrified. My dad top-notch voice piercing my ear.

Uh-oh. My bad. I forgot. Ebay; so it was USA product. Different voltage, resulting in the motor broke.

Next thing I know, big brother laughed at me, and came up with a pretty good but 'no way!' plan. That's the benefit of watching Myth Buster, ayte?

We installed the whisk through a Bosch driller. Sounds enstrange right. But that what I did, for four hours, holding that driller, while watching movie. Until I got the smooth texture of Butterscotch ice cream.

Here's the ice cream maker. You can see there is a 'see-through' thing, thats where the whisk at, and I hold up the heavy driller up there! Imagine the ache I got afterward.

Daddy, I am really sorry, okay? But the ice cream was good, kan?!


syafika said...

sengalnye akak aku ini..
lain kali ..tanye aa papa.

::NaS:: said...


meh la dtg yamaguchi amik gambar akuuuuu


mij0ohAns said...

anak mithali ar peanut! hahaha.

syafinaghazi said...

ika: ne aku taw, aku nak bagak aku pun bleh buat~~ tsk tsk...

nas: datang klu belanja tiket ngan lunch ikan fugu bley!? hahahah =p

mizu: tu arkan...lesson to learn; jgn berlagak pandai r~ tapi mmg aku selalu jahanamkan brg2 ayah aku...haha

Ahmad Fuad said...

pnut..wafiy da lawat rumah aq..ko ble lagi ha???hahaha