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Monday, March 8, 2010

Overrated Pictures

I might offended somebody or a lot of people by doing this post, but what the heck? Just a personal opinion though. Fine, here goes. You know you could say/think that this kind of pictures is way overrated when it fall into this category:

1) The public toilet

Mostly taken by the reflection of a glass/mirror. Gosh!pity the mirror, enough as it have to face your pretty face, now it have to suffer your so+cool+posing+face. LOL. This kind of pictures are really absurd to a point I can even figure out, which toilet it was taken in. Pavi? KLCC? and yes, we know you have the new extra cool handphone or camera. Yikes, we are so jealous.

2)From the high up self taken.

photographic wise saying;yes, the angle from high up, can be the most flattering. The well lit lighting, compliment your face all. But seriously stop it. Especially when it is only YOU in the frame and obviously,self taken since we can't see your arms in it. Enough being VAIN, but I can sure give credits if you can do self portraits with different creativity.

ps: this kind of angle, if done of groups self portaits, is a bonus, well, because the end result pictures, show how goofy and crammed in everybody in it. FUN.

3)Cafe/Coffeshop or wherever nowdays 'IN' thing is.

Well, you know. Starbucks. Coffeebean. The so famous, holding the mug purposely having the logo in view. Fine we get it, you are drinking/lepaking at the trendiest spot, hence making you the 'it' boy/girl.

4) Brandishing your uber-new pair of shades

Pardon me, I think this is just me, but I kinda not so into the idea of taking pictures with shade. Maybe because I think I look super ugly with one.

Anymore you, yes you my fellow readers want to add up?

Random pictures of my seniors, Mado and Mayuko


mad_ping said...

Hi, Syafina,
If I am not mistaken, I think you have at least committed at least two of the said criteria. I can't remember which ones exactly in the blog. Although this is my first time ever commenting here, I've been following your blog for a while (I stumbled upon it a year plus ago I think)and I've seen hundreds of your pix. And when you made this entry, it just rings "the pot calling the kettle black". But heck, maybe you've repented, who knows. BTW, I get confused by your English sometimes.

syafinaghazi said...


Thanks for commenting. I know I do have some pictures like those I had mentioned. I think the glasses/shades pictures.But not that I'm saying I had repented, but in a way of writing up this post; I wanted to try avoiding it at the most.

About my english, pardon me, maybe because english is not my mother tongue. Plus, sometimes I like to make up sentences in 'my way'. Just how I roll.

mad_ping said...

Hehe... Good that you know.
But I like reading your writing anyway. Keep it up.