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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Up In The Air

Having to watch an ending of a story, which a man was being let down in the end instead of a woman is refreshing. Dude, I tell you the look of George Clooney face when he realize what he's dealing with is priceless.Thought it will be the usual he-the-jerk with she-who-hoping-too-much storyline, but in Up In The Air, totally 180 degree the opposite. Who know a girl can break you that much?

And I've got to say I am guilty as charge when she quoted; " ...that what modern girl do when we have a crush, we google your name..." . Pardon, but who to blame when we are all under the power of internet connection, right?

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Diloz said...

Up in the air.
great film.

problem comes when we put too much expectations and later misconceptions.

''Loving without expectations.''