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Friday, May 28, 2010

A Procrastinator Project

Ive been procrastinating a while to this project of mine. But now that I had get it done, I feel real proud. Mwa-ha-ha. Woke up at 8, then the usual routine of PSP first, a round of game, then hit the web, surf around and then at 9, I had actually started it. See, I have the procrastinator trait. Heh. I called it done at 12. Three hours of pure concentration of folding, cutting, stapling and also not to mention a thirty minutes of anxiously fixing the stapler gun, because believe it or not, I broke it. Not really a surprise, things can go wrong in my hand.

Owh ya, Dad, I can do DIY stuff yeah, thanks, because I actually think that trait come form you. ^^ Now, celebratory time! Who have a fabulous love seat now, from an euuw second hand love seat? Purple in color? With polka dot? oooOOOooooHHHH so vintage-ish.

Now off to make maggie. And eat on my brand new couch. Literally.


Anonymous said...

tomey nya. pasang sheet baru ka?

-killing da time- said...

awesome!!! comel gila boleh x?