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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sea Side Driving | Cape Kamui

I drove. Finally had my first drive in Japan, hear that Dad! I'm talking to you. And a perfect course, by the sea side! Brought a friend's mum touring the 'words cannot be describe' gorgeous place; Cape Kamui. Really worth the extra effort concentrating on not driving more than 70-80 km per hour drives. Seriously, here, the normal speed limit is 60km per hour. Just so you know.


Anonymous said...

cantik tempat ni..

ken mane?


syafinaghazi said...

adzuan: dekat2 dgn sapporo jugak, dalam 100km nye drive... otaru ken kot...

Map & Info

meh r ryoko sini, wafiy de kete dah, die leh bawak jalan.. hahaha