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Thursday, July 15, 2010

How Tack Sharp Focus You Wish You Are?

One friend in focus, one friend not. Darn!.

First of, I don't really know how many you guys out there that will find this post useful, but heck, it's more a post of oneself reminder of my learning steps in taking better pictures. So here goes.

Things I knew for sure now how wrong I was
  1. Shoot all the way open wide ( low f stop number ). Just because I can go to f1.8, I almost didn't bother to change those time.
I know now that, almost all f1.8 photos taken were all blur, soft and really disappointing. It can be done though, if you get the hang of it, atleast take it up a notch or two, say f2.2 . And ofcourse, if you are shooting a group of people, make sure you choose a reasonably f stop. This might help.

  1. This one a real stupid one; we always get the impression that professional always shoot in 'manual' right? Or was it just me? Well, back then, I thought that maybe they shoot in manual focus too. So, I did religiously shoot all the way by MF, turning the focus ring , while hardly squinting through the viewfinder. I even emailed Saiful Nang, asking about this.
Silly. There's a reason why they created Auto Focus; made your work much easier. You just pick a certain focus point and hit halfway the shutter button, then you are good to go. Well atleast I learned from my mistake. And are you a back button focus shooter? BBF? I am . Go and check this out. It really help smoothing your skill on taking sharper pictures

Too-Dles. Later~

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Anonymous said...

peanut! thanks konsi!
best tgk adoramatv tu. senang paham :)))