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Friday, August 20, 2010

Disturbing | Animal Lover Should Be Furious

Watched a video, where a woman stamped on kitten , yes, kitten not cat. Well, she did not stamped, but she stepped on it, not once, a lot, until she crushed the poor thing. Seriously, this is intended, not accident or anything. Really disturbing, I had never turn away from the screen view until now, ( except those time watching SAW, where I watched it through the crack of my fingers, haha ). Anyway , seriously? I think human are overrated now, what the hell are we thinking? Owh, do you guys know there's also a sexual fetish of making out with animal? Believe me there is, infact you can search the animal porn a lot. Yeeshh~

Here are some links for the kitten being crushed video, link one and link two.

Pardon me, apparently I couldn't find the video, the one I watched is on somebody's Facebook wall. But I think almost everybody knew/watched it, because it was way back in 2006. I'm just too furious not to share.

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