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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Parenting Litterally | Camera Maintenance

Spotted dusts on my viewfinder, this is not good. Although it doesn't affect the picture, seriously it's annoying!

Uh Oh scary man, I mean having to do maintenance on a camera figuratively saying it's like having to do a solo operation on your own precious child. Period.

I did this just now. My heart really stopped beating for a moment when I recklessly dropped the focusing screen. Then, quickly pick it up, tweezer and all, give it a blow ( with blower of course), put the lenses back on. All set? Thought so. Turned it on, tried a test shot. Yeah seems the dust gone and everything fine. Alhamdullilah. Hope it stay that way.

Maintenance is real importance guys. Especially when you had own your camera for a quite long time and if you often do the changing lenses thing. Here check some of the links, might help.

  1. How To Avoid a Dirty DSLR Image Sensor
  2. How to Clean your DSLR Lenses

and Here's some video, just to aid it visually =)

Hope it help anybody out there.

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