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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hari Raya | How We Roll

Here's a big part of my life. Them. My family. This is really how we all are. Ketupat palas is a must, and with mung bean one, is Dad's favourite. And true, we all have an addiction to petai, but no, petai wasn't a part of Raya dish. - We had it cooked for our last 'berbuka'. Of course after berbuka, we fooled around, firecraker and all. One of our cousin couldn't make it, so ditto to 3G call on pagi raya! Then we pushed our luck with our big brother, really he gave us a lot, and counting there's 14 head to give, well ,sure that burned a big hole in his pocket. But look, the joy it gave us. HAHA.

Nonetheless, welcome, or I mean, here I am sharing a part of me, for you all to see. I love them all. Especially mum and dad.


yananana said...

i just love the pics! and all the happy faces! :)

nad said...

yeah nice entry+ pictures.=)

nad said...

yeah nice entry+ pictures.=)

Minem said...

cantek nye... :)

syafinaghazi said...

Thanks. Yurp, they ( my family ) put colours in my life, and also pictures. Haha.