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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Personal|Trouble Magnet?

Drug addicts took drug so that they can try to forget their problem for a while, and that same goes to smoker, well according to a friend, who I know smoke casually just when a big problem hit her. They know the problem wouldn't go , still for what it's worth; at that time they felt good, great even. Seems to me , drugs and cigarettes are their friends.

Now , I think I am in big problem. But seriously, neither drugs or cigarettes are my options. I could use a friend you know, REAL FRIEND. Thing is, my problem itself involving a friend, and that doesn't help. Guess what I took as a solution? I find another trouble to distract me. For real. So, it turn out like a chain, troubles/problems chain. pffftttt! I'm really not sure how long will I last.

Time Crisis with my youngest cousin, Adam.

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