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Friday, November 12, 2010

Autumn | Be still my beating heart.

All right, now I really have few autumn pictures! (and I already bought a new card reader ^^) . Last weekend, I ran a message to all my person in Sapporo, and look how many of them showed up. All for the sake of picture~ Right? Errr, maybe not. More or so. Nonetheless, may I list why autumn is my particularly favourite season? Okay here goes:

  1. Autumn and Awesome, they kinda sound the same by our tounge, like Au - tummm , then Awe - sommee .... ?? Make sense?
  2. Of course, the leafs, tree, and pinecorn!
  3. The opportunity to support - yeah, the boots.
  4. The unpredictable weather. Once it rain non stop for three days. I really-really love rainy days.

Enjoy the pictures okay. Sorry, it might be too much. haha.

The newly minted, Mista&Misses - um, newly weds?

Be still my beating heart, above is my favourite of the day. Maybe the bokeh, or maybe it's the Wafiy's signature pose? Either. heh


nad said...

they really have those bright beautiful trees to start your day, so cantik :)

syafinaghazi said...

true2, but autumn in Sapporo is short. The tree already going bald, soon it will be winter. Anyway, thanks Nad.

adzuan aziz said...


Diloz said...

owsem pics!