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Monday, November 1, 2010

Brownies+Milk = Bliss

Baked this last weekend. Because I'm craving for Delicious brownies that come with chocolate sauce and ice cream. I had several episodes of accompanying my sister, which at first was to draw money or to pay Maxis bill around KLCC, ended up I persuaded her to make a stop at Delicious. What time you may ask? After midnight and almost 1 am, because Delicious close at 1 am. I'm serious. That's why I have extra excess coming back from Malaysia!

Check out Delicious's page and if you wanna know which recipe I'd refer to make this baby, here .

Just because; I love my big lil sister, as in she's older, but way petite than me!


adzuan aziz said...

haha.setup terbaik!ni box ko buat tu eh?

syafinaghazi said...

wan: box tu basah, aku letak kat balkoni. haha. Malas nak buat baru, aku gune fold laundry bag kat hyaku yen nye, yang net nye, then letak jek poster putih kat dlm die. Simple. Tak semantap box la tapi.

nanti2 aku rajin aku upload setup laundry bag tu. Haha