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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stressed Out Solution

A friend move or dare I say,proceed to another stage of life, leaving me behind.
Shifting into laboratory, I need to attend a lot of event that really have nothing to do with me.
A friend hate me so much, talking isn't really an option.
Weather been brutal lately.Cold.Hungry.Cold.Hungry.
Snowboarding season, yet I don't think I have friends to board with.
Mum and dad away, in Thailand, I really really need to talk with her.
Mid term papers coming, and I really have no idea what the class been about.
A friend hate me so much, talking isn't really an option. eh? Mention that already.

All of that make me depress, and the solution is I turn to baking. I don't really know why. Maybe cracking the eggs can take my mind of. Or maybe the sound of whirling hand-mixer just comforting. Perhaps having taken all the measurement of flour , sugar , spices, vanilla essence and all is therapeutic. Crazy , I know. Then maybe when it all set up, just waiting for it in the oven, in the midst of bake smell air waffling through my room make me feel alive? Baking reassure me that everything is going to be all right.When I took it out from the oven, I just knew I did something right, and it all just from scratch.

This week only I baked three time already. That stressed I am. And I made a cut out poster in my kitchen that goes like this; Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards . Right. Words~

In the picture above is pumpkin muffins. I know fall already over. But I got the pumpkin for free. And talk about free pumpkin, last Halloween, Ariep got one from the pizza man, they say courtesy of them since Halloween. I kid you not. Therefore we made our first carved pumpkin. We got a bit festive.

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nad said...

the cutest pumpkin indeed :)