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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Laundry Trip

Last two weeks, I had companies! Well, it was my sister and her friend. And yes before everybody assuming whether she's my younger sister, let me answer once and for all; no, she's my older sister and we have gap of 4 years. I know she's much smaller than me. or, I am just giant. period.

She had been hinting me on having her pictures taken, well, this kind of pictures, as in her photoshoot and all. I was really-really busy planning their itinerary and also juggling school's work. So guess where was this? Just around the apartment of mine, specifically saying, I was waiting for my laundry at the drier. Was looking forward to take pictures at the coin laundry place, could be an interesting spot. There was and old man waiting for his laundry too, alas we headed outside for pictures.

Anyway peeps, we do not really need good spot for good pictures. Just watch out for good lighting, framing and all. Taking pictures by evening or morning is the best time for good lighting. Afternoon? A big no-no. And then of course, if you have a gedik model like my sister, it can help.

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