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Thursday, January 12, 2012

And then this happen!

Just when I felt like locking myself in my house and slumping in my comforter, plus maybe ranting away (to myself), er, due to the final thesis I have to submit; let just say what I felt was like crap.

And then this happen:

Some awesome friends brought this to my house, and when I say brought, really is not 'bought', gosh, handmade dude! Love the pastel colour on top of white cream frosting. Yum.

There was also a chocolate cake , from my sister, on behalf of my family. Thanks Sheela for did it all the 'heavy lifting'

Oh crap, now I have to be thankful and turn away from the crap-ish feeling. Well, atleast I'll try my best for this one day particularly.

(how the hell I get 23 already?)

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