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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My very first yee sang

Had my very first involvement of celebrating Chinese New Year. Fun. Now I know how Yee Sang taste like. I didn't really contribute in any of the dishes, except helping out. The guys were awesome and pure in the spirit of celebrating it. Let me dish out what we had; Emperor Chicken, Chinese Herbal Soup, Butter Prawn, Chili Chicken, Tang Yuen, Sweet Sour Fish, Popia, and Soymilk Agar with Lychee. A lot right? After dinner, they watched movie; A Very Harold and Kumar Christmast, but I? I slept through the movie. Aha~

Here the video of us er, dunno, starting out the night by puling thru/mixing thru the yee sang? See me, very confuse, not sure what to do~

The quality of iphone 4s video is super nice,imo though.

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