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Friday, September 5, 2008

Climbing The Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji!!

Climbing a mountain is totally not one of my ‘have-to-do-before-I-die’ lists, but when it comes to being a foreign student here, somehow it became a MUST. Fine, really not an obligation what so ever, but every year almost every one of us done it, then why should I be left out. Hoorah! I was excited when Haris told my name is in. Next thing I do was book a flight from Chitose to Haneda and off I go to get my foot on top of Japan highest mountain: Mount Fuji. Well, before going up we need to really tank up all our energy as Haris said “tido puas-puas”. Then on the day itself we receive quite a few equipments to prepare for our climbing. Handglove, raincoat, torchlight with lots of batteries, onigiri, snickers, drink (varieties of it; energy drink, mineral, vitamin c, etc, you can figure it out).

Enough said, now let me take you through out our climbing. We started at 1930 from the 5th checkpoint. Oh yeah, I forgot about to mention there are 8th checkpoints in total, and the height of Mount Fuji is 3776m. (Sure enough we won’t start from the bottom, “Are you out of your mind?”). Anyway the starting of the climbing was pretty easy, but when it started to get hard, it become tougher all the way up. We climbed by group. My group: Dd, Izz, Lin and me. Some of us vomited trough the climbing and needless to say some were really needy of the 02 gas tank that were being supplied for each group. We took lot of rest and each of the rest was long enough before we have the will to get back on and start the climbing.

Our adventure of climbing Mount Fuji was just not a physical challenging; it was also a mental-disrupting-time-machine-bomb kind of adventure. Here and there I heard harsh word being used like “**** are we there yet?”. The trail really got the nerve out of us. Nevertheless we made it, I arrive first for my group and I can’t help hugging them all as an appreciation by keeping me sane throughout the climbing. For the rest of the other group they arrive a lot earlier than us, say that we arrive quite on the perfect time to watch the sunrise.
-We Arrived!- (Look How Many Happy Climber Back There!)
-Way Down There, we made it-
-Dd with the awaited sunrise-

-Us 'bathing' the sunrise because freaking damn cold up there at the peak-

Here some of “amaze-me” thing I tumbled upon during the climbing:

. Some of the Japanese also bring their kids by the age 8 to 10!! (hello?? By that age I was still pretty locked up in front of the tv!!!) and found a person brought a dog too like down there aren’t enough space to dog walking, wait, is it dog climbing setting a new trend now? Hahaha

2. While we were taking a rest, we put off our torch light and actually it was quite amazing in the dark the stars and the moon were shedding light for you. Imagine seeing lots of honeystars on top of your ceiling. I got to watch lots of shooting stars too but I forgot the make-a-wish part.

3. Do you familiar with some of documentary programs like discovery where they show the sky with clouds moving really fast like they fast forwarding the record? Guess what? That was how the cloud we got to watch up there and it was scary though. Standing there on the same level as the thin layer of cloud moving fast like that make you feel like they want to take you away too.

4. I just knew that actually Mount Fuji is an inactive volcano. Not dead! Inactive means it sure can be active anyhow right?? Tell me again why am I climbing this mountain??

-There you Go Malaysia Boleh spirit!!On top Of Mount Fuji-


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