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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To Dad With Love

I know Father’s Day is not around the corner or so but I want to write something about my dad. I guess I miss him much. Here something:

I. We call him ‘papa’ yet when I’m about the age of 15, I’m the one started calling him ‘Daddy’ and I don’t know why but all of us call him ‘Daddy’ afterward.

II. He loves to eat. He hid stocks of Cadbury under his work desk. He put fridge on his mobile so he can drink cool drink while driving. Skype time: he never fails to show what he is eating (almost every time I call he is eating). Guess what he got for mum on Hari Raya, not langsir baru or sofa baru but an imported barbeque set! (although mum not really happy with it, ‘course she want langsir baru)

III. He’s one lucky father to have 3 daughters who will go at him anytime and start of a conversation with “Daddy….”.(is our way to try and get something from him that cost.huu~) one trick:fix something nice for him to eat, sure you will get it then =P

IV. He laughed at my SPM biology is B, and said “aha, sorang anak papa kena jadi engineer”.So now don’t ask why I chose engineering.

V. He works on his own now but still he dresses properly(office is downstairs only!!), “Nina, gosok baju papa na” “Aik,nak gi mane ayah aku ni..?”.With his aftershave and all, I miss the scent of him.

VI. He has the usual fatherly-buncit perut. And all the time my mum screech at my ear “Nina bawak la papa pergi jogging na”, and yet the temptation never succeed.

VII. Jogging not him but camping or adventuring stuff is so him. I am so jealous of him. He already went to Taj Mahal, China (not sure of the Great Wall), Mount Everest (no, he did not climbed through it, he went by jet plane just to watch the peak of it), then Angkor Wat and lot more which I am not to know maybe during his studying over Wisconsin, United State.

VIII. He is actually a weeper. Believe it or not. Still remember during the usuall Saturday night where we all will watch the tv3 Cerekarama and then my mum will say “Jangan kang papa nangis kang…”.

IX. He is good at making ommelette! Years ago when we all are still school kids, he helped mum for sahur and fix us ommelete. And now we wonder when we gonna have the taste of his ommelete again.

X. He loves to shop. DIY shop and hardware shop. Well that kind of shop. But every time with mum at any furniture house, he is nowhere to be seen near mum. Sian mama..And actually we love to shop alone with him because he malas nak layan us, then whatever we asked, He will not comment much and just say “Kalau suke ambikla..”. That’s my daddy!

Mum and Dad at somewhere in China

For whatever it is Dad, I miss You.

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