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Friday, October 31, 2008

International Music Festival

That day was ‘the day’. ‘The day’ where my skirt was really put into use and I can say proudly “Tak rugi aku beli skirt ni”.(hahaha..lame I know). But betul ape~ Okay actually we had this event, International Music Festival, that we thought required us to wear formally or atleast half casual smart. But what had surprised us, the Japanese, most of them wearing just the daily outfit! Come to think the struggle Amir went to change in school’s toilet and all. Nevertheless I’d prefer we dress this way for an event, quite cool and we can all be dressy for a reason. Well actually we managed to get free tickets for the events, worth about 5000yen which make RM250. Opportunity grabbed then. Quite boring actually, from my opinion, and Amir thought so too: “Philharmonic lagi gempak la”. So to my dear luvly bubbly cheeky lil’ sis(okay, I do miss her that much), Ieka: Let’s make a must to philharmonic!

-We came late, so our seat x best~kate pun free~


-Right before kene sound "No camera please"-

-Outside The Main Hall-

=Send this picture to Amir the night before....

.....look how he showed up on the day itself~ (see how great influencer I can be)


dena said...

peanut~ u look so smart with the boots and skirt and also jacket~
p/s= amir looks smart too...

syafinaghazi said...




nuar said...

tgk la nagoya university nye plak..
ak maen..
kat um dulubkn naku kuar ngn ak p tgk pnn

nuar said...

ye a..
dulu mase kat um ak ng apple slalu a p klcc p tgk orchestra..
nway 21 ni ade performance
dtga hahha
ak kaci tkt free..

syafinaghazi said...

dari ticket konsert ko free~ baik ko bayar tiket plane?? boleh2??