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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Snowy Alarm Clock of Mine~

Fine. Its 10.01 when I flipped open my keitai and there`s a new mail from kak Ernee.Opened and it goes:

"Assalammualaikum morning na its snowing~"

And I still blur, and it hit me.Damn. I missed my Japanese class again. On my count, my third. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA.......cant miss it anymore~Then I try to check my window...cant see any snow pun....then I slump back to sleep knowing that I have experiment on 2 oclock...zzzz.......

Woke up then hit gmail, sent an email to dad, about me missing class, hard to wake up and all, then telling him its already snowing....few minute after, I got a reply which I'm sure its from my big bro..not from dad:

"Muahahahhaa...welcome to the club"

(ya I know, this can be heredity adapted)

During experiment, while everybody obediently squinting over microscope to see paramecium (do I spell it right?) I found myself gawking and gapping to watch over the window...where the white stuffs flying down~...(okay that was my first snow~)

...back on my hard to wake up problems follow up...I bought an alarm clock..which the alarm is really-really annoying..if this cant help me too..then I need to sleep at class the night before..so let the teacher wake me up, can I?


athiqah said...

how come u boleh ada alarm clock? huhu~ i dont have one~ btw~ snowy ah~ ble fukuoka nak snow??dahla koyou pun xde~ iina hokkaido~ senpai mo iishi~ haha

syafinaghazi said...

hey gewdik~..pesal xde senpai ke..tempat u....i bought the alarm clock recently..to solve mmy prob..beli dkt LOFT..it works..coz sgt annoying bunyi die..macam fire drill~


arJuNa jaLaNan said...

snow dh twun ek??
best nye kowg..

snow dlm nihonggo pe ek?
ak dh lupa la..

syafinaghazi said...

aah dah turun...best xde la sgt~ sakit hati jek...jalan cam penguin~ heheheh...

owh snow dlm japanese.."yuki" yuki taw erol~