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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why Does It Always Rains On me?

Not that actually I hate rain, in fact I am fond of rain. Seriously. They are as well as my best friends. Once I cried badly, it was raining outside, and heavily rained. Then when I start to sob and weep, so did the rain, they start to slow down. (yeah, they really knew me~). And of course when I was sulky, and actually close to burst into crying, it was all gloomy outside, as if the rain is trying to held back, stopping themselves from pouring down, to show their support on me.

Moreover, when it was one of nervous racking moment, like when the rendezvous with a crush, I’d hope it going to be a sweet cheerful sunny side up day, but it rained, lucky it was lightly. But I guess it was great to have the rain to accompany you. Not just those date day with your beloved. It can be on any occasions, like maybe your time to pull the job with your boss, or maybe a casual hang out time with barely made friend when you really need to impress them.

See what I mean, maybe, just maybe the rain is telling you to let loose, chill out. Don’t be pretentious, just bare it all, and even if they don’t like all of you, what to lose? You can still blurt out coolly:

“Hey, look it’s raining outside!”

Eventually they will get what you mean, maybe they too should let loose, cut you some slack, give you a break. Everybody had some hard time once in a while, especially when it is raining and follow by a thought;

“Why does it always rain on me?”

Ps:Could the snow here turn into my next best friend?

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athiqah said...

yeah~ when u're about to ask urself "why does it always rain on me?"~ turn around then u"ll find sumone waitin' for you with an umbrella to walk you home~ but then u'll realise that the thing is~ you enjoy walking together in the rain more than having an umbrella to share~ because then u'll get the chance to serve the other person a hot bowl of soup when you get back home rather than just saying thank you n goodbye~