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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How I sing to 'How to Safe A Life' verse~

Greys Anatomy, House, Private Practice, Scrubs
..etc..etc..well you name it, If you are a follower of one of this TV episode, Im sure you would do the same as what I had did yesterday. Yeah, I donate some of my blood, about 200cc at my university. At first I thought it would be quite difficult as I am a foreigner, but naah~ fill up some form and I’m good to get on the bus, where the nurses waiting eagerly for blood donor~

Pretty much the nurse asked me lots
of question especially on Malaysia.
She even ask what ‘oishii’ ‘おいしい’ in Malay.
Well, just to kill the time I play along.
In the end I got a box of juice, Kit Kat, a file and pamplets.
Not to forgot, they made me a card which
indicates my ability to donate blood and all.

" Well why not play ur part in 'How to Save A Life' verse "

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