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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fooling Around~

The Original Plan ( Not the Fool One)
Make my first snowman while taking Fara out.

Who were there following to fool around:
Kak Ernee and of course Fara.

Where did the foolish act happen:
Just in my university area, specifically エルム、北海道大学。

Fool-proof quote:

Fara: “Kak Nina, nak main salji….!” Two minutes afterward; “Kak Nina, Fara nak kencing” LOLZ

Evidence of Fool:
See our snowman, apparently he just have the headpart. (sorry mista snowman, we ran out of time plus what to expect when you have Fara around?)

More to fool ourselves afterward:
Bought one day ticket, just to go to buy some fish, which turn out not much fish for sale that day. ( Hey I love fish!)

Another fool follower:
Amir, apparently he wanted to tag along.

Another fool proof quote:
Kak Ernee: “Ala, tak banyak ikan la, rugi jek aku gie jauh-jauh”
Nina: “Urm, fisherman tak keluar kot winter-winter ni…”
Amir: “Diorg buat ape ek?”
(come to think of it what the fisherman do eh?)
Nite fool:
Pictures time at Odori Park and Some Stoopid Snow fight.

Fool Snacking:
Thai Place. Happen that time Rahul(the waiter) he put on ‘Om Shanti Om’ movie, because he knew I love Shah Rukh Khan, he even tell me he make me a copy of the cd. See how ‘bermanis mulut’ with people pay off. Appreciate. Nonetheless is a funny movie.

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