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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Random List Of Happy~

The Pic edited by my bestie~ "I like this pic, u nampak natural, and happy~"

Happy Fruit: B.A.N.A.N.A

Happy Scent: Fantasy, Britney Spears

Happy Hang Out Friend: Amir Hamzah

Happy Clique: Sensei Family and Kak Ernee

Happy ‘partners in crime’: The other two of me, Lin and DD

Happy Texting 24/7: My Babe, Tqa

Happy Messaging (even it cost me tons~) : Ika n Ayep

Happy Skype for hours: My bestie, Zul Aidi

Happy Skype for shorts and ended up with ‘daaaa~’: My big sis

Happy Emailing: My dad

Happy to be all ear for ‘bebelan’: my mum

Happy G-mail chat: my sengal brother

Happy Snack: Wonka Chocolate

Happy Song: Jojo-The happy song

Happy Glowy cheek: blusher!

Happy to have: the yen bills~

Happy to drink before bed: my signature hot choc~

Happy meal: any FISH would count

Happy to look at: my ROXY watch

Happy to snuggle into: bed, gorgeous duvet, and mista red ELMO.

Happy to say: “It’s been quite a year~ Looking forward for next year!!”

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-killing da time- said...

dak ap ko nk for birthday ko??
hint pliz...