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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Upon blowing on candles

What is it about making wishes upon blowing on candles on the day you turning yet another year older? In the past I didn’t get it, but now I seemed do. Because its happen to me, that how I get it. Birthday celebration? Define it; Tray of delicious dishes, you wearing pretty dress, cards, presents, people there smiling, beaming at you and here come the best part of it, cute cake with lit candles on top of it; choir of birthday themes fill the air and there you go, closing your eyes full heartedly making wishes deep down inside, admitting you are now a year older, with deep breath you blow the candles all out, and you go grinning.

Yay Happy Birthday you.

Different for me, or I think it’s quite normal scenario, for not really having to celebrate birthday before, what is there actually to celebrate. Previous birthday used to be just yet another day, least that is I can ask mum to cook something special for family dinner. And I am content just the way it was but now since my people is not here around me, I found myself looking forward for a birthday celebration! I mean I never really have one why bother now?
Peculiarly, I went out three times to check my mailbox, hoping for something. Well in the end of the day, exactly 11.56pm before it turns 14th January, I ran to get the kitchen candle and lit one, put it before me, and making my own speeches, of course wishes too, singing happy birthday to myself ( by that time tears prickled down ) and blew the candle off. Happy Birthday Nina. I know I’m being silly, for the least I am celebrating.

What I found is; the real definition of celebrating birthdays. It’s not about having great party and food, or pretty dress to wear on, also minus the cake and candles part. It is actually realizing you are getting older and surround by people who you love and love you too. That is the reason I ran out the mailbox, for anything, as a presence of people who love me, I just felt I longed for it.

Let put it this way; even if the person who are getting older today is not really that ‘somebody’ to you, it doesn’t matter, it’s his/ her day, buy them drinks or ice cream, accompany them, because believe me feeling lonely isn’t the best present ever.

Note: To everyone, thanks for the wishes. Thanks.


:::cebisan hatiku::: said...

selamat hari tue..ngehngeh....
semoga panjang umur+murah rezeki+bahagia+berjaya dunia,akhirat...
nanti kawen jangan lupa jempot aku taw....
sayang ko!muah2...kekeke...

-killing da time- said...

sedey nye bunyi~
x pe2,sruh ar fridah sensei masakkan dinner ke... x leh???
nway i totally agree! suddenly it seems that its crucial too celebrate, i guess da fact that there's no one around us to celebrate it makes us wants it more.

Anonymous said...

o my!
missed ur birthday!
happy birthday! :)
sheng ri kuai le!
saeng il chukha hamnida!
selamat hari jadi!
nk adiah ape?
*bajet rela nk bg apa saja* :P
ALL THE BEST to ya k?