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Friday, January 23, 2009

My Take on Promises~

Promises on the pinky!

I still remember how I used to cling hard on promises and hope, which was like when I was twelve years old and so. It turned the other way around when the reality hit me hard. Look; sure promises could be the least you can still hold on to, but what if it is just a plain promise? A promise that been made just to satisfy a person, or ending up an argument that been held to long. Hope and promises are like drug, when you embrace those, mentally you are high. You are like a bird that fly high in the air and sing chirpily. Just when the false alarm hit you, with the usual random whine- “but you did promised!!”, suddenly your wing broke, and you fall straight to the ground, and OUCH, its hurt!

Here is how I turned it the other way around;

Back in boarding school, for monthly getaway to home, usually I call dad to confirm at what time he picked me and so;

“Pa, pa datang ambik nina tau. Ambik la awal sikit ek.”

“Okay, papa ambik nina. Pukul 2 setengah camtu papa sampai.”

And then yeah, you’re right, He didn’t turn up at half pass two. Really is frustrating and how tormented I felt at the time. Then, I learned better; here how I deal for the next call:

“Pa, pa datang ambik nina tau.”

“Okay, papa ambik nina. Pukul….”

I cut in fast; “-Takpe! Na tunggu jek papa datang.”

And seriously it is better, much better. I know he is coming after all, the bit of not making he say a specific time is the one I like best. Even if he really late, I still could not hold it against him. At least he came and picked, I didn’t have to drag the big bag all the way to Kuala Selangor bus station.

From that time, I figured that how I would handle my life. Seriously, people lie all the time, and please, who don’t? For the record, white lies count too. We just can’t help it. In my dad’s case; maybe he could not help staying behind a bit longer in his office, than rush straight to pick me up.

Don’t fool yourself too much and go blind with people promising you. People tend to let others down; it is just how it is. Sure promises and hope could still be made, just don’t expect too much, because the likely high your expectation is, that is how bad you are going to get hurt. Simply, my theory is, ‘No promises, no hope, no disappointment’. Easy. At least it suit me.


us said...

haha..as for me..
i promise with my dad that i can leave around 12 but actually 1.In the end,my dad came just the right time.hehe..

syafinaghazi said...

yeah , knew that trick. But ur dad lateness is like casual n fashionably late, in my dad case, is over rated, he used to be late like two hours more...(sigh~....)