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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Twice do count as accident, right?

I’m a klutz, whole-heartedly admitting now (before I don’t understand why I’m being call as such).

First occasion:

Enjoying the cold ice lemon tea, while surfing the net, and chatting with dearest Cik Diyana thru Skype, the glass decided to lie down suddenly; and there goes my half not yet drunken ice lemon tea – on the keyboard! (Mind you, I own a lappy, ergo part of it screw up, the possibility for the rest of the lappy to tumble down also is high).

Second occasion(less than a week from the first):

This time is hot tempting, caffeine full Nescafe. I was watching ‘How I Met Your Mother”, and yes you got it right; the mug casually followed the glass’s act. Hot! So I swore several times, pushing pause button, while hurrying up to get dry cloth. Note that, by I mean watching, I don’t own a TV, so lappy is all I got. Poor him, or more to poor ‘sooner-you-need-to-replace-your-lappy’ me.

Obviously I’m making excuses for my own carelessness for saying those glass and mug need to lie down. Go figure; accidents do happen, that what’s they are call for, but I guess it doesn’t need to happen twice.

And so I solemnly vowed (much to make a mental note I think); “No more drinking by the table!!” ( yet, a bottle of caramel tea is next to the lappy, screaming “Uncap me, uncap me!!”

“No, no. I uncap you when I want to drink only” reply me, the reckless, unaware, klutz and accident prone type of human. (Sigh…..)

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