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Friday, May 15, 2009

How Do You Sleep?

Those time I've been struggling to just doze off, sure I would run out of fingers to count it all. Consider me insomniac, hard to sleep, owh- whatever they call those people like me. Im not quite sure why there are times where its hard to just knock off, I could say one thing: paranoid!

NO! NO! Not paranoid as in imagining theres somebody pulling my blanket while I'm asleep, nor some childish imagination of a monster hiding in my closet.Naah, hey I'm fully grown up, what do you take me for?

Paranoid by mean that, when it was time for bed, I was all tired from doing all the homeworks and stuff, so the clock all ready showing somewhere between one or two; so when I hop to bed, my mind was all busy focusing "I need to get up early, early class!!". In the end, I could not sleep because of fearing that I might could not wake up for early class the next day. BUMMER! Happen everytime, my biological clock is all screwed up!

But if sleep is define by the inert state between active period, then I was sleeping afterall albeit my mind is still fully active.

Darn!!! What an over reactive mind do Syafina have!! Care to trade??

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