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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Monotonous.If I been ask how to decribe my life,well, that the word I would use. Monotonous. As if the piano player of my life had fallen asleep on one of the piano keys.The same key.Same note.

Weeks passed, and it is June. June! I felt like I am running in circle. Different week with similiar routine, except the sylabus of what my teacher taught and the homework given. But everything else is monotous.

Same key. Same note. And it annoy me. I need an octave higher or lower.Either one, an octave apart but not the same one. Don't care whether it is melancholy or harmonic

Suppose I have to lift the piano player head and play myself. Or alternatively hiring somebody pro like Maksim would be a good idea. Then my life would be full of 'beat'.

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