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Sunday, May 31, 2009

When Word Seems Too Overrated

Lost at word?Opt for acting 'it' instead.We all aware of 'actions speak louder than words' quote.There are time when simple words like "I'm sorry", or "Take care" seems very hard to spit it out. Some of us let their egoistic part win, rather than letting out those wishes. No exclution for me too, I'm not an emotional material girl, but I figured;having actions to replace them seems a good way to start.And I don't mean by giving out cute present or candies with those wishes written on the attached card.No.Not that.

My dad, for instance; does not really showered my mom with gifts, and I barely heard him saying the 'I Love You' gesture to my mum. Maybe behind my back they do share their ways of affection, not that I know of. But one thing growing up with them made me realize how much dad really care about mum. Every night before bed, without fail, he will bring a glass of water along with all mum's supplement vitamin or medicine.My mum kind of fragile, she do have a lot of medicine to take. I mean, how do my dad keep up with them? The medicine keep on changing from different prescription. Sure it take a lot of attention and patience to keep up.

Now,one of my favourite to ponder upon whenever I am at my kampung, about my 'tok abah'. Men don't do well with words. And how did I caught " What-a-special-menantu" my dad is to him? Is by the daily newspapers spread on the table by breakfast time. I only know that tok abah usually buys 'Berita Harian' or 'Utusan', but 'The Star' or 'Newstrait Times' will be there too if dad stay at kampung. Tok abah doesn't bother to do that way for other uncle of mine. If that doesnt make the statement yet, get this; tok abah will get kari kepala ikan or lai chi kang, everytime he manage to.Why? Yes, dad's favourite.

Don't get too upset or sensitive if your significant others havent said the word you have been expecting from them. Maybe is not them that being insensetive, maybe you are the one that missing some smaller action from them. Excuse them for having hard time to let the word out, and let be more appreciative toward the small gesture,shouldnt we?

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syafika said...

same things goes to our mum , mama
kinda hard to say that she love us , but in the end she always care for us. She was the one who cling to the phone n calling us to get back home . hehhehe espcially kak nini :)that is how she show us that she cares.