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Monday, June 15, 2009

A Day with Ieka( Amir too )

Finally; here's all the pictures I'd taken with my lil sister, Ieka. This was my first attempt on some serious potrait pictures. About hundreds snap, but just these make the cut;- the other was BLAHHH~ X( . Ive got to learn more.

I couldn't ask for a perfect model, Ieka have a great smile. While Amir on the contrary; very rigid and tense ( excuse him, he want to be a supermodel actually ). XD

Well enjoy these, comments and critiques are very much welcome!!

Notes: yeah the baloons Id got for free. A promotion from Fasio! waha~

This is she, unpose, candidness very quirky.

This last one is particularly my favourite. She look content, yet hopeful. Chin up for the day ahead my lil sis. Her pictures remind me of Priscilla Ahn 's song Dream.

Ive gotten addict with this kind of photography,
but I don't seem to have any model yet in
the near future.


Noor A'thiqah said...

mito GEMUK!!! hehe~ mito sorry~ :p

adzuan aziz said...

proses pakai pe?cs4?
nice2.bleh bukak group flickr utk aaj ni.:P

syafinaghazi said...

tqa: u rase mito bace ke comment ini?? =P

wan : xla wan, CS3 lagik...malas nak dl CS4..thanx neway..

NANNA akan terus menaip said...

the pic was perfect!
-iekas fren-

syafinaghazi said...

thanx~ amateur though, working my butt still!

syafika said...

yey na ..pasni aku nak bukak company
ko main photographer aku second
hahaha leh kaye2 mau?
in the next 7 year after ko n aku dah grad?

syafika said...

na aku suke pic yg lompat tuh la huu
it likes were kiddo

dyana dynott said...

oh god!
lawa gilaa!
yg ika tgh baring tuuu.
sumpak lawa!