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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where are Those Knights in Shining Armor?

I hate guys who say they are like a strong boisterous brave beast, a lion infact, that when they roar, it can be heard throught out the entire jungle. Heard that enough??

Seriously, don't be mesmerize by those lies. During my university festival, a guy approach us,- with a microphone. ( He's the guy who was doing the interviewing stuff ). By us, I mean me and some guy seniors. My seniors were chanting up to promote our stall beside me, who was at the time preoccupied with packaging foods. The exact moment the microphone came insight, the chanting suddenly died, and I was left alone. Like a bowling pin, where all the others were knocked down, they spared me. Me! In rage, calmed myself through out the interview talk.

For those who follow Grey's Anatomy; you could rely this on one of the episode. I can't really remember which one though, but there's a couple came in with the girls having GSW (gun shot wound). Why not the guy? Because he ducked behind his girlfriend. He apologized profusely and make ammends. Still in the end of the episode, a gun shooting scene errupted in the hospital, and yet again he ducked behind his girlfriend.

We expect you guys to be our knight in shining armor, instead you guys used us as your armors. Talk about irony!! Seriously, a roaring lion beast?? Why not a purring big kitty?? Suit more. Atleast have the decency to admit you couldn't roar that much loud. We'll get it.

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Ashuran said...

saye pegi wat seizu jek time tuh..kalo x da cover da..eceh.