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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

7 Sure point You'll Love IKEA ( Fine! 6 actually)

I was reviewing all my older pictures from my good ol' point and shoot, he ( or she ) did me good ( I haven't decide the gender yet). A Sony cybershot in particular. Now I handed it down to my lil sis. Ieka said she's having problem with it, vibrating some sort. I guess he/she feel dejected. But seriously a good point and shoot was my deal-breaker in photography.

Now, back to the main point; IKEA!


  1. Cool!
  2. The food is good. ( Especially the ice cream )
  3. Cheap! ( yeah not really that cheap, but compare to other Japanese furniture brand, eg; Yamazen)
  4. How they set their gallery, by room, themes!You never go wrong.
  5. Eventhough you are not looking for anything in particular, it's totally an awesome place to threw some times there.
  6. BUT trust me, you'll ended something in hand. ( Even Khalid bought a-something-tool set, can't remember =p )
  7. Owh! for the most part is......pictures!!

Pillow Fight!!

Fierce Lin, way fierce! XD

Lin : Would you like a cup of tea? Nina : Oh, yes please.

Imagine us going all english-sshe accent. Haha

Go and waste some time s at IKEA okay?

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syafika said...

oit na ..dah ko bg aku pic yg besar ..aku taruk je la lain la ko nak
tlg editkan tuk aku
aku xde adobe aa expired!