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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Preview : Strawberry Picking Trip

I went out! (finally!) getting bored already. After few last minutes calling up some people, 8 of us agreed to go strawberry picking.

Here some pictures; a brief peek on what the day had offered.

I was really having a blast snapping here and there, but to my utter disbelievement,when back thru my lappy I viewed; almost all of my picture doesnt make the cut. Seriously, I have a long way to go ( in photography, of course ).

Wish me luck!

The trip troopers!( with the extraordinaire Estima! XD )

PS: Sorry guys, I should have check that I didn't get the focus right.

Amir with bunch of strawberry he'd plucked.

I'll have to go through and see which other
that really make the cut.
Sangat sedih!!


A'thiqah said...

u~ nak tegur boleh?? haha~ mesti strawberries tu lagi sweet dari amir membuatkan u blurred kan gambar die~ sungguh x fair~ wawawawa~ hehe

syafinaghazi said...

iya~ betsuni-