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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Popping Fireworks

What a news. I failed a paper. I know big deal. A paper. Then again, I don't have many exams for this sem, and yet I failed one. Felt like a hopelss retard. I am now listed to take the repeat paper. Oh, if you are wondering - It's 'Applied Math'.

Mum and Dad; I'm sorry I've let you down.
and Amir; I was damn embarassed to even tell you.

Truth is I almost back out from going to this event, because the guilty thought of 'going out & having fun' fueled me up all of sudden. Come the 'Let's face the ugly book, nerd!" invade my mind.

But Pian came to rescue, a little bit. When you are down, having someone around just something you need. At least I thought so. ( and so the Jamoca Almond Fudge and Nuts to You at Baskin do gave some boost!)

Well one night- harmless right? haha~

This particular fireworks is my favourite! Hands down baby.

Like a dandellion being blow at, right?

Here's my fellow pal. Mado said " Eh, kite ni cam boleh buat persatuan Photographer MISA kan...". MISA stand for Malaysian In Sapporo. He got me chuckles at that thought...haha nice one...

Mado, Me and Pian.
(I look so kerdil stuffed in the mid with them =( )

This got me excited to drag my dad to find me nice spot to photograph some fireworks back in Malaysia soon, especially during the Merdeka Celebration. Any nice spot suggestion people?? Please~~

But first I'd have to drag my butt off to study, if not then how am I ever coming back?

Pour me luck you popping showers of fireworks!


AKU said...

never give up.
kau boleh pnut.:D

mij0ohAns said...

dont get too bothered with that repeat paper peanut..
as long kau tak give up nak buat better,u'll do fine punya ok..
aku doakn ni..

khadijah said...

aku guna exactly the same sentence dekat my mum :( *sigh*
hey hey takmo down2 sangat okay?
kau sure boleh punya,trust me!
phee kan rajin and semangat orangnya!
ada hikmah semua2 tu.
aku percaya tu,sebab dalam kes aku,memang ada hikmah gila! :)
oh and as usual,all the pictures yang kau snap ni,cun gila!
aku suka :D

Anonymous said...

pnat, egt gagal x bermakna gagal selama-lamanye..

ni pon reminder tok aku gk..