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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Me Being Cynical?

Still in exam mode.Period.

Means endless struggle with alphabets which make words, and then into sentences. Then sentences turn to paragraphs, and so on the cycles takes, and you get the pictures ayte?

POOF!! the creation of the so thick textbook!

(you can see I was till clinging on the hope of alphabets foundation) Reality Check! Nope! Japanese Character baby!

Wanna see how my name spell in Japanese Term?

シャフィナ ビンティ モハマド ガザィ
Syafina Binti Mohd Ghazi

Pardon me on being a little bit cynical, but exams do get me, and especially when it is not in alpahabets. On my vague memory of the struggle during High School with Hani Sensei, I secretly think she despise me, because my lack of putting my mind in Japanese class.Right Mizu?Tayn? Anyone?

( I can recite it by heart all the yelling thrown at me, though)

and Dear Hani Sensei, I'm still is ignorant, sorry but I do.

Last Autumn pictures. Atleast I made it here, right Sensei?

and of how cynical I mean I am, look at this post on my sis blog.(Yeah Im that cynical and bitter.)

P/S: Do you want me to spell your name in Japanese? I may need the excercise =)

Thanks to Mizu, Tayn and Syaz... I'm putting my best foot forward in these exams, lets kick some ass!!


mij0ohAns said...

aku penah kena tonjol kepala dgn hani sensei sebab xlepas kanji biru..

yeah peanut!
gambatte ne~ :)
*obviously ayat tu la yg paling aku ingat sekali dlm nihon..huu~*

Anonymous said...

aku harap x lambat wish kau.
i noe u can do it gurl!

Aurora$yaz said...

ala, aku ni budak german la pulak kan? haha. good luck again~! :)