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Monday, July 27, 2009

Choo Choo! The Exam Routes

I despise exam, well, who don't? Sssshhhh~ (Keep it to yourself if you like exam okay)

I felt like an old wreck of train making its way to all the stations.

Like the black hard hot coal being thrown down the train stomach, I sluggs down the black cold nasty caffeine.

Stations by stations need to go, papers by papers need to survive.

When will I see the end route? or a Detour?

Mista Conductor pull and goes " Choo ~ Choo! "

Hang in there, ol' train....

" Choo ~ Choo! "

Here's to you exams, you make my route complicater than it already was!


mij0ohAns said...

GOODLUCK in getting through your exams phee!:)

Anonymous said...

ganbatte pnat!

syafika said...

ngek gmbr tuh mantap ..benci..je

Aurora$yaz said...

good luck my dear. :)