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Friday, July 24, 2009

It's already Summer!!

Yesterday ! yes Yesterday we went Hanabi Matsuri, well let just say Firework Display in Sapporo. A most awaited event of the year, and I was busy doing some research on how to capture some great firework.....well I did done some study though. But we got late!!, due to our lack of knowledge to put on a 'Yukata'. Sorry, I'm not the one wearing , but I helped to put it on. =P

So apparently no great fireworks photo, because lateness made me stumbling on my camera setting....darn~~~

But if there's camera, ofcourse there's pictures!!

and when the actuall purpose of bringing a tripod to so that ''I got a steady grip while shooting fireworks'' didn't turn out as I planned, - there's a silver lining to everything ayte?

So the tripod bassically rock my world yesterday!

You wouldn't believe if I say that this was taken at 10.00pm, total darkness, since its the purpose for 'Fireworks Display'. and yet my picture is somewhat sastifying enough lighten up!

My ISO was at 1600, if you look closely, it is noisy, but I couldn't care less for now.

And I guess shutter speed was at around 1~2 seconds.

Hands down my favourite of the day! Total rad right this picture. Aha~

"I hate flash and so I think this is totally my thing."

A) Tripod! Less shaky hand of mine~ ( and the photographer could actually be in the pictures too! ) Haha ( ' ' , )

B) Longer shutter speed! More lights could be let in.

c)Upping the ISO. So that the picture would be lighten up even in the dark.

Mr Ghazi; this one for you incase you are wondering how the subway train in Japan look like. and I miss you dad~

and Amir: I like you in your green shorts yesterday :) , but the compliment doesn't seem to get out because seriously; my tripod 'wow' me over your green shorts. and here to tripod! You rock babe!


mij0ohAns said...

eventhough i dunno wattheheck is ISO and shutter speed apa bagai,
but seriously peanut,,the pictures are awesome!

buley la kalau aku ade kenduri kawen t,aku jemput ko jd photographer ye??hehehe~;)

adzuan aziz said...

amek gambar malam memang mencabar pun..good job la:)

syafika said...

hahhaha ..sebarang tempahan servis boleh dibuat di talian ini ye

syafinaghazi said...

mizu: kenduri kau ke mizu?? haha boleh jek...

syafinaghazi said...

wan: haha, tu ar, aku jarang dapat chances tangkap mlm, so cam teruja sebentar...

syafinaghazi said...

ika-adik-ku-yang-muk : muk, tu no ko ke??? ngeh3... XD

Anonymous said...

aku dah follow blog kamu!

Anonymous said...

lawa ah gambar mlm ko ambik..salute!!

Aurora$yaz said...

Saya juga mcm mizu', x phm. But really2 like the pics~! :)

Gadis.. said...

beb! ko ade gaya beb amek gambar..
and gambar2 yg ko amek pun kesan nya gler best.aku suke!! :-)

syafinaghazi said...

tayn : thanx babe!

owh haris : maksih, aku perlu gambare lagi...belum chantek enuff

syaz: hik2..i know i merepek jek all this camera stuff dlm blog, so korg view pic jek la ek..n glad u guys ske nye..thanx..

gadis: hehe thanx..aku harap aku leh maintainkan gambar2 sebegini..

syafika said...

tuh my bisnes phone num