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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Potrait; Abang Kadri & Kak Ila with chubby Iman

It's their 2nd anniversary , and I was looking for a change, I mean I want to shoot some family potrait- So I offered them. And they took it, despite how very amatur newbie I am. I was very nervous that day, I was so scared that my pictures would turn real bad. But to my no surprise it turn out not that really bad. Here are some of them.

Here is the apple of their eyes. Iman. Iman Yumiko something..her name..cant really remember..but since she was born here, she can get Japanese name, right? XD

The proud parents and the very-very one of a kind attitude infant Iman....naughty isn't her?

I can go wild with editing sometime, so maybe I over did it. Tee hee =). Wanted some drama+vintage-ish feeling, not sure I got it right though~

Then when Iman hit the snore-land time for some mummy and daddy lovey dovey pictures~

Up here are my favourite of the day! Somebody say pure tranquility with your love one? Ahhh so soothing~~

and now my latest greatest installment for props! Bubbles!! Not my idea , theirs, but I really like it. Fun!

Lastly, I can see Iman will look up through her mum a lot. Dear Iman, I know you'll learn a lot from your two greatest parent, and I just can't wait for you to start doing great stuff.

Iman is 7months old, she can't barely crawl let alone talk. But last night I Skype-d wit her and saw through video cam that she giggles a lot seeing her own pictures, as if seeing another different baby, but it's her and how could she know right?

I'm so glad I did this for them, and I am looking forward to more oppurtinities like this!

Somebody tempt me! I am so 'game' for it~


:::cebisanhatiku::: said...

Salam peanutz...

Uish..mantap gile r ko..terpeGun aku...ajarkan daku jugak~
btw..ko pakai kamera jenis ape ek...?
Lagi sekali..tahniah atas bakat anda..kaGum sanGat2 kaGum....tabik2...

syafinaghazi said...


salam, aha nik..nik... aku xsedar tu kau...

aq pki canon rebel xs、or EOS KISS la kat nihon ni nye name...

nbleh jek ajar, no prob, thanx anyway..