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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Camping Trip That Uncalled For

5 of us went camping , and the trip was totally uncall for. We didnt really plan it. 5 person, only one tent, two sleeping bags, two torchlights, one parang and an A4 size of mirror. ( I know the mirror is not something in a camping trip list, but someone did brought it along thou~ ) ( Guess who from 5 of us~ It might surprise u)

Along the way the view was really breath taking. Horse stable, sea shore, village people, me snoring, Amir reading some jiwang novel, spooky abandon house, wild deer, confusing sign.

About the confusing sign, we managed to get ourselves lost and end up reaching there with police help ( no, they didn't escort us ), we reached there by total darkness. Fumbling in the dark, making the campfire, so that a meal can be serve. ( hey dad~ we sure do the old style kan, forgot to bring the camping set kitchen one~ haha )

So we eat, mee goreng with lots of kelabu2 thing in it, plus bau2 asap, but heck we are on camping ayte? On the entertainment, well UNO card, and a guitarist with 4 human lame voices to go with.

Just our luck, the day after was raining cat and dog, with the wind was blowing hard, real hard. So the tent was soak, and also my UNO card was drenched!Ergo, we packed up and off to get shelter in Arep's Subaru B4.

Do you really think our spirit went down just like that? Naah~ Let it rain, we still on the mood, we head up to the cape ( tanjung ) nearby to do some sight seeing. HIS creation is really superb!
Remind me of ' The Ring' movie in the scene where the woman fall of the cliff. ( shivers...ugh... )

Then we heard an anouncement nearby saying that a cyclone hurricane is coming up, sure thing that scared us off. So our journey ended there. Changed to a dry cloth and then we hit the road home.

'course I'll put my picture! Me trying to pull Monroe's signature pose. Tee hee~ . Note: Dress don't suit for windy day, let alone raining!.... XD


mij0ohAns said...

bestnya pergi camping xde plan2 cmtu!=)
n seriously..
mmg scenery kt sane sgt thumbs up la..
jealous gila dgn ko peanut!

nyway,siapa btw korg b'5 yg tukang bwk mirror tu ar?

syafika said...

jeles ..na ..one day aku nak study oversea gak ..insyallah :)

Anonymous said...

bestnye! teringin nk g camping ngn member2..=D
kt msia ni xde tmpt mnarik cm kau pg nie la.hehe