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Monday, August 10, 2009

My mum read my blog!

I made a mental note to myself ; ' Need A New Blog Header ' , when she said " Na, nape cam harry potter na atas2 ni ? " ( She was refferring to my used-to-be-blog-header ). and yet I was smitten at how my mum can recognise the font, or rather the HP thing. Haha.

Pardon your daughter mum, ( and to all other my blog reader ). I know the font is so lame, but at the time the avid 'Harry Potter's fanatic ' in me seems to be giddy , I've pulled the font up, make it fancy a bit, and there it went. Lame Harry Potter Font Blog Header. haaa~

So here come a new header, which I should tell it may be temporarily ( to think everything in blog is temporary kot, if not there wudn't be the 'edit' button ayte? ). Back to new header, perhaps it show the vainness side of me, in attempt to make you out there understand this is 'syafina ghazi' 's blog, because people might confuse who the blog owner because I took other people pic + I dont have much of my 'self potrait' kot....so lalallaa~ Be with it.

To act as a very concern techy blogging sister, I'd done one header for my sis too. XD ( I haven't send the file to her yet thou ). Used the stock of her potraits pictures I'd done. View here.

Actually, mum can only read my blog with my dad or brother beside her. If I give her my url, and she clicked on it, she will end up staring at the header, until somebody come to rescue. She doesnt know how to scroll down. ( Never mind mum, I'd like you better not being computer wise, can't imagine you start on stalking my blog or others, let alone having a facebook account, or tweeting on tweeters! ) GASP!

Ps: This picture remind me of how my hi-school friend, Hemah Devi ,taught me about blowing on eye lashes and making wishes. Talk about superstitious. Make me wonder how Hemah is doing . ?.


.o r k e d. said...

aku suke pics kao.
cun sungguh!
teruja ok!
aku nk jd model kao,buley?
kidding :p
well,msti best ur mom bc ur blog.
wah,if i were u,berbunge-bunge je ati.sesungguhnya ibu aku x serajin mak kau.lngsung xtau pape psl tenet.i gust la :p

syafika said...

hah mama...smkin pndi dlm bidg2 digital ni setelah aku mengajarnye
papa n bgboy stop laughing at her ok!
hehehe mama dah power da..
na btw thnx for the header

syafinaghazi said...

orked: haha boleh2~ bile de mase hang out jumpe, lepak jek leh shoot~
mak aku bace smpi dat page nye post jek...die tataw carik 'older post'.haha =P

muk: ko ajar ar abis2, pastu kalau mama dah ade facebook account, konpem aku buang account facebook aku, isy xbleh2...kantoi ah sume rahsie aku~~ ngeh3~~ XD

Aurora$yaz said...

I'm loving your new header. Lagi kena. :)

mij0ohAns said...

my mom read my blog too!hahha~sungguh dasat mak2 sekarang..maju hoh..=p

a'a la peanut..
THUMBS UP la for your new header!=)